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Function Store provides developers a way to make additional income by selling their Google Cloud Functions.
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Function Store helps small businesses, agencies, funds & startups with their software development needs.

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Sign up by filling our a seller inquiry application. Our team will follow-up with a demo and onboarding instructions explaining how to access your seller portal, upload cloud functions, and receive payments for your sales.


Upload Functions

Use our CLI tool to easily push your cloud functions into our platform. Once uploaded, you'll see each build version of every function you upload.

In addition, you can either keep your uploaded functions private or public. If you decide to publish your function we'll ask you how much you'd like to charge for that function.

Sit Back & Collect!

Once you've published your function, now it's time to sit back and relax. Buyers will be able to find your function in the marketplace and buy your function.

Function Store releases seller payouts weekly through Stripe Connect.


Develop once, get paid each sale.

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Rather than trade your time for money, Function Store allows developers to earn more money by getting paid based on usage.

The more useful a function can be for the community, the larger revenue opportunity a developer has! 


Cloud Functions, 

One Click Install

Installation takes 60 seconds and can be run in parallel to other Function installs.

No Code Configuration

Use our No Code Configuration tool to configure environment variables and policies in seconds.


We have our own CI/CD tool which means you no longer need to rely on a third-party CI/CD tools.

Free Updates

As functions need updates, you'll have access to merge those changes into your project for free.

Built-In Unit Tests

Every function in our marketplace has built-in Unit Tests making them secure & reliable.

Automated Payouts

Function Store provides sellers with weekly payouts powered by Stripe Connect.

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Let's answer some questions

Have questions about Function Store? We've got all the answers you need.

Can I submit my own functions to be sold on the marketplace?

Yes, you can submit your own functions to be sold on the marketplace. To be approved as a seller please contact sellers@functions.store ‌

How is support handled for functions available on the marketplace?

Each function is supported by the developer who submitted the function to the marketplace. In the event, you run into any issues with installation, billing, or the function.store platform you can contact our support at support@functions.store‌

Can I use the same function for more than one project?

Yes, as long as it is under the same Google account you can use the same functions across various projects. However, if the project is under a different Google account you'll need to purchase the function using that different account.

Is there a cost to install a function into a project?

Yes, we charge a modest installation fee for each function. The cost is $0.05/install. ‌

How much do sellers make on Function Store?

Sellers set their own pricing for functions. Sellers receive 70% of all sales of their functions. With the remaining 30% being paid out to Function Store. Function Store covers transaction costs.

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